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Finally Caught the Truck ... Now What?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The old adage about the dog that perpetually chases a car or truck every day of his life but has no idea what to do if he actually catches it ... yeah, that applies here. My memoir, "Feather White" was published by Sunbury Press on October 19. 2021. Working with them over the last year to get the manuscript up and running was exciting. Holding the finished project in my hands was a different creature altogether! For the first week, to stick to the canine analogy a bit more, I carried the book from room to room, upstairs, downstairs, like a dog with its beloved squeeze toy with which it cannot bear to be separated.

Now that I can manage a shower without a copy of "Feather White" in a Ziplock bag with me, the reality of it all is becoming apparant. I retired in November, 2019. But I discover I am no longer retired. I have to put legs under this book and must learn how to do it.

Sunbury instructed me, shortly after we signed the book contract, that I must: open an author's Facebook page, get a professional picture for their website/back of the book, get my own website, & etc. I had to learn how to send shelving pitch emails to bookstores, fish for reviews in the media, and generally learn the business end of writing. The memoir is about jumping into situations and figuring everything out on the fly. This learning the business of being an author is no different. Excuse me while I go chase a new truck! Mickey

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