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Part II is on the way!

The journal entries that became Feather White sat for forty-some years in a closet. I always knew there was a book in there. In fact, I knew it when it was happening, the reason I kept a journal in the first place. I am fortunate Sunbury Press thought it worthy of publication. The giddiness of being published has subsided and I realize that though my search for relevance led to high adventure, what became the marrow of my life had yet to occur. 

After my brief career as a commercial fisherman and living in my handmade log cabin in Nova Scotia, I was gifted a career as a social worker, working with homeless mentally ill individuals. It was my life of service that finally showed me how to contribute in a meaningful way. I was schooled regularly by supposedly broken people on how to be a better citizen of this earth, people who had nothing materially and yet were some of the most generous, loving individuals I had ever met. They made me think of the folks who have all the money in the world, all the trappings, and still can't find their way to be happy. I found a career that enabled me to produce what I believe God wanted of me.

The continuance of the memoir (Feather White concludes at age 26, so me gots some catching up to do) is untitled at present, but will cover my improbable switchback from fisherman to social worker and learning the nuances that comprise the heartbreak and challenges of mental illness. There are sidetrips to a ten year plunge into the New York City acting scene that resulted in becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and travelling with bluegrass bands, playing alongside some of the legends of the genre. But mostly it will be about how serving others filled me with a lifetime of joy.

So, the writing of Part II continues. I will post when it is done and hopefully a title will occur to me by then. Thanks for checking in! 
God bless,


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